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How to reset my phone to factory settings? What is a soft and hard reset?

Wondering how to reset your phone to factory settings? The answer depends on what company manufactured your smartphone, what software it runs on and what model it is. Resetting a Huawei, Samsung, LG phone and Xiaomi device may look different.

Phone reset is most often performed when the device begins to work too slowly, crashes or the user wants to delete data from memory.

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Soft and hard phone reset

Resetting the phone involves terminating the phone and reloading the software. There are two types of reset - hard and soft. A soft reset means turning the smartphone off and on again. This can usually be done by pressing the right button on the phone or by removing and reinserting the battery.

A hard reset restores your phone to factory settings. In this process, all data (e.g. files and applications) on the device is deleted, and individual settings are reset to basic. This is often done when you want to sell your phone and get rid of all your data from its memory. A hard reset is also known as formatting the device. If you want to perform a hard reset and at the same time leave a copy of your data, you can make a backup before doing so.

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How to reset Samsung phone?

You can reboot a locked Samsung smartphone by pressing the volume and home button simultaneously. Do this while the phone is off and hold the buttons until the device starts vibrating.

If you are looking for a solution how to reset Samsung Galaxy, turn off the device and press home, vol. up and lock at the same time. Release the buttons only when the smartphone starts booting up. Then use the volume and mute keys from the menu to select "wipe data" and confirm by clicking "home".

How do I reset a Huawei phone?

Huawei phones are very common in the smartphone market. The company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of telecommunication devices. In case of failure, the path to reset the smartphone is intuitive. First, go into the settings panel and click the "backup and reset" tab. Then select the option "restore factory settings". The phone will spontaneously shut down and then restart.

How to reset LG phone?

You will reset phones manufactured by LG using the removal screen lock. Boot your device using the Dr.Fone - Android Unlock application. Then press the "unlock" button and connect your smartphone to your computer. Select the "start" option and start the reset process. Set the details of your model and enter the download mode. At each step, the program will instruct you about the next steps. When the process of resetting the phone is over, the application will automatically boot the device. Finally, press the "remove" button to remove the lock and regain access to your smartphone.

How to reset Sony Xperia?

You can do a hard reset on your Sony Xperia in two ways. If your device is responsive to touch and turned on, go into the settings panel and select the "privacy" or "backup and reset" tab (sections may vary depending on your phone model). Then click "factory settings" or "restore factory settings" and select "reset phone". Some devices may also require a PIN code. Your phone will automatically switch itself off and restart after a short while.

If your smartphone is locked and the touch function is not working, you can press the "power", "Vol. Vol. Up and Vol. Down simultaneously. Hold them together for 5 seconds. Some Sony Xperia phones also have a special "off" button for quick reset.

How to reset Android?

The process of resetting your phone may depend on the model and manufacturer or operating software. If you have an Android phone, you can perform a hard reset by going into "settings" and selecting the "system" tab. Then go to "backup and reset" or "backup and restore" (the name may vary depending on your device model). In the next step, select "restore factory settings". After pressing the button, your phone will automatically shut down and restart.

If your Android phone is locked and unresponsive to touch, you can use the way of restarting the disabled device. Press the combination of emergency startup buttons like "home", "Vol. Up" and "lock" simultaneously. Release the buttons only when the device starts the menu panel. Select "wipe data" or "factory reset" with the Volume Up and Down buttons and confirm "Yes - delete all user data" by clicking "home".

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